Coming July 2022: In-person at SOUR CHERRY COMICS

We’re happy to announce that after two years on Zoom, San Francisco Writers Workshop is moving back to in-person format. A new bookstore has generously agreed to host us on Tuesday nights: SOUR CHERRY COMICS, 3187 16th St. SF, CA, 94103.

We hope to see you at SOUR CHERRY COMICS, 7-9 pm, starting July 12, 2022 — and ongoing.

There are a couple of things to note:

1. For the time being, we will be asking everyone–except the person reading–to mask.

2. It’s a new bookstore, and the owner, Leah, needs our support, very much so. We will be passing a bucket around and encouraging everyone to give money and to buy books.

3. Leah’s letting us come in on a trial basis through the end of July, and though we are really hoping to make a good impression and stay on, we do have backup options. We are at this time planning on continuing as an in-person group!


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