Seven Fabulist Comedies

by Conrad Bishop and Elizabeth Fuller

Conrad and Elizabeth have been writing and performing together since 1971, running a theater ensemble, The Independent Eye. Their latest book, Seven Fabulist Comedies, is a compendium of plays they have produced over the years, some inspired by commedia dell’arte, and including solo shows, an urban fantasy, and a surreal black comedy.

This book is available for sale on their website.

Metamorphosis of a Bully: And Other Stories

by Luciano Aldana

A collection of linked stories that begins in a barrio on the southern side of the US-Mexico border. It’s 1950s, and a fearless sailor suddenly appears in the barrio and metamorphoses into a fearful bully of the town. He is a streetfighter with predisposition to fight. He provokes a young man who runs his family’s store. The young man gives him a good fight and this infuriates the bully so much that he swears to kill him . . .

This book is available for sale on Amazon.

Muslim American Writers at Home: Stories, Essays and Poems of Identity, Diversity and Belonging

Edited by Valerie Behiery, Kitty Costello and Hanan Hazime

This timely collection allows us to hear firsthand the amazingly diverse voices of North American Muslim writers speaking for themselves. Stereotypes are overturned on every page. Shaped by an impressive interweaving of cultures, languages and ethnicities, these writers reflect on what it means to find home-especially when prejudices and distortions abound-and how powerful it can be to feel heard, recognized, welcomed. Through stories, essays and poems, they share their family lore, spiritual journeys, childhood dreams, and memories of homes they left. They offer prayers for our world.

The book is available for sale from Freedom Voices publishing.

The Book of Bastards

by Ransom Stephens

Short-lived, hopeful tales of worthy knights, wizards, and druids emerged from every festival and fair. Crazy rumors of renegade princes and princesses popped up now and then, usually following the narrative of one old myth or another. A favorite involved peasants kissing toads and being transformed into royalty, but most of the gossip followed the usual theme: orphans and bastards, in out-of-the way villages unaware of their lineage, being manipulated by unsavory halflings. The Book of Bastards is a rollicking, riveting tale. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll sing! You’ll need a drink.

Trial by Fire

by Scott James

Trial by Fire tells a story of a devastating fire at a nightclub in Rhode Island that killed 100 people and injured hundreds. It took fifteen years to find out why this happened and who was responsible. Bestselling author and three-time Emmy Award-winning journalist Scott James, who was also a San Francisco Writers Workshop regular earlier in his career, investigates all the central figures. Drawing on firsthand accounts, interviews with many involved, and court documents, James explores the rush to judgment about what happened that left the victims and their families, whose stories he also tells, desperate for justice.

On Sale October 27, 2020. Preorders encouraged.