The Invention of Yesterday: A 50,000 Year History of Human Conflict, Culture, and Connection

By Tamim Ansary

The Invention of Yesterday is a global history of the human journey from the Stone Age to the Virtual Age. It is built on the premise that the history of the world is a story we’re telling one another; and since there is no single circle of storytellers, there are many “world-histories”. This book looks at how various great world-historical narratives formed, and how they’ve interacted, and how they’ve meshed to form bigger stories, and how all the stories intertwining are, themselves, on the way to forming a single big story of our human journey on this planet. 

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By Olga Zilberbourg

LIKE WATER AND OTHER STORIES is officially out now and available for purchase from WTAW Press. It’s also available on Amazon.

With settings that range from the Cuban Missile Crisis and Soviet-era Perestroika to present-day San Francisco, LIKE WATER AND OTHER STORIES, the first English-language collection from Leningrad-born author Olga Zilberbourg, looks at family and childrearing in ways both unsettling and tender, and characters who grapple with complicated legacies—of state, parentage, displacement, and identity. LIKE WATER is a unique portrayal of motherhood, of immigration and adaptation, and an inside account of life in the Soviet Union and its dissolution. Zilberbourg’s stories investigate how motherhood reshapes the sense of self—and in ways that are often bewildering—against an uncharted landscape of American culture.